Haifa Martial arts – AKBAN Ninjutsu

The Haifa martial arts team is based in the Ramat Alon Neighborhood. The team is based in Ninjutsu and combines tactical answers to many martial disciplines including Judo, Boxing, Mui-Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Israeli Krav Maga. The Haifa dojo is taught by instructor and Akban veteran Ya’ad Ben David.

The team was established in 2010 by Akban veteran Elad Nagar who then passed the torch to Ya’ad Ben-David, the current Dojo head instructor. The fighting curriculum is vast and thorough. In addition to traditional technical Budo Ninjutsu training, functional combat fitness and drills are also emphasized. The training takes place in the dojo, surrounding nature and nearby beaches and is suitable for men, women, and children from the ages of 14 and up. The training includes running and various power drills, so as with any new exercise program it is advisable to get a physician’s approval before beginning.

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, and is commonly known as the metropolitan center of northern Israel. It’s unique geographical location places it on the junction of the sea and the slopes of the mount Carmel range. The city structure is unique in that the urban planning caused a gradually escalating cityscape that climbs the mountain slopes all the way to the peak. Haifa was built inside the wooded slopes and forests of the Carmel region. This urban/rural blend is reflected in the training methodology of AKBAN’s Haifa Center for Ninjutsu, which parallels this mindset.

Due to the topographical structure of Haifa, there are several spread out central city hubs, each with a unique character: Kiriat Hiam-Kiriat Shmuel, Bay Area and Check-post, Downtown, West Haifa, Carmel, Hadar HaCarmel, Neve Sha’anan, and the Carmel Heights. The Martial Arts and Fitness Team of Ya’ad Ben-David is accessible to trainees at all technical levels and from all areas.

Haifa is also home to several universities, including the prestigious, world-renowned Technion. These serve as a constant inlet for fresh eager pupils. The Akban Center in Haifa is where any martial arts enthusiasts can practice Traditional and modern mixed Martial Arts. The Dojo itself is located in between two of the universities, giving it a prime accessible location.