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Sessions this week, 28.5-2.6.2017

For those who participated in the AKBAN Knife masters seminar, there are few places left for this Friday. Please make sure you register online. Do not bring live weapons.

At Tuesday, eve of the holiday, and Wednesday, Shavuot Holiday, the dojo is closed.

During the sessions on Sunday, Monday and Thursday we will start, in addition to the new syllabus, ground work from Shinden Fudo Ryu.

Video of Raiken No kata – Fudo Ryu


Weekend quote – Gian-Carlo Rota

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Behind every question of philosophy there lurks a gnarl of unacknowledged emotional cravings which act as a powerful motivation for conclusions in which reason plays at best a supporting role.

To bring such hidden emotional cravings out into the open, as philosophers have felt it their duty to do, is to ask for trouble. Philosophical disclosures are frequently met with the anger that we reserve for the betrayal of our family secrets.

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From Indiscrete Thoughts (Modern Birkhäuser Classics)


Training this week, 21-26.5.2017

This Friday, 26.5, A Rokushaku bo Kukishin kata. Wait for an update on the group’s Whatsapp on Thursday.

During the week we will repeat five reactions from rear hand wing block and three from front hand wing block. These eight reactions depict an activity range of 180 degrees which we will augment with straight strikes syncopations. In addition we will continue learning closing gap with Jumonji, at second timing, of drill 4.

Apologies, we are so deep into this new material that this won’t make sense to those who missed last month. I have not yet videoed the techniques of this segment.

Video of straight punches syncopation in Kata


Weekend quote – Wassily Kandinsky

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Thus, the form may seem pleasant, unpleasant, beautiful, harmonious, disharmonious, skillful, awkward, fine, coarse, and so on, and yet, it must neither be accepted nor rejected by virtue of qualities considered to be positive or negative. All these concepts are perfectly relative, which can be observed at first glance in the infinite series of interchange of forms already present.

Equally relative is the form itself. Thus, the form is to be appreciated and understood. One has to place oneself in such a way that the form acts on the soul. And through the form the content (mind, inner sound).

Otherwise, one elevates the relative to the absolute.

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Weekend quote – Julian De Freitas, et al

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When it came to judgments about the true self, however, we found a surprising degree of cross-cultural similarity. Across all four of the cultures tested, we found evidence that participants shared an intuition that, deep down, human beings have a true self that is morally good.

From: “Consistent Belief in a Good True Self in Misanthropes and Three Interdependent Cultures”, Julian De Freitas, Hagop Sarkissian, George E. Newman, Igor Grossmann, Felipe De Brigard, Andres Luco, Joshua Knobe, 2017, link
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