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Sessions this week, 23-27.4.2017

There will be training sessions in Sunday, eve of the Holocaust remembrance day, and Monday night.

We will continue the learning of the hand work in the pocket and add more coherence to the integration of Lo-Ka-Pa Phat into AKBAN distancing sabaki.

As usual, till August, please bring your striking equipment.

Video of Roberto Sharp and Lyte Burly


Weekend quote – Meir Shalev

1st quote img

How to determine the size of a tree? According to its height? The diameter of its trunk? Scope of its crown? None of these is an absolute criterion, but when you see a large tree, you know what it’s like, and you hear: the wind’s noise is different and more pleasant than the sound it makes with the branches of its little brothers. And also feel, all the plants emit oxygen, freshness, various aromas. But the great trees also emit calm and confidence and a hard to contain pleasant surprise.

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Image CC Dom Crossley


Holiday quote – Eliezer ben Hurcanus

And Rebecca said to Jakob:
My son, on this night, dew treasures are opened
On this night, heavens sing hymns
Make delicacies for your father, and while he is still here he will bless you.

אָמְרָה רִבְקָה לְיַעֲקֹב: בְּנִי, הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה אוֹצְרוֹת טְלָלִים נִפְתְּחוּ בּוֹ,
הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה עֶלְיוֹנִים אוֹמְרִים שִׁירָה
עֲשֵׂה מַטְעַמִּים לְאָבִיךָ, וְעַד שֶׁיְּהֵא בְּעוֹלָמוֹ יְבָרֶכְךָ.
image Susanne Nilsson CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Susanne Nilsson CC BY-SA 2.0


Sessions during Passover 2017

During this week we will work with the weapons we learned this year: Rokushaku bo, Hanbo, Kusari and Kunai.
With the knife we will emphasize low level of violence.

Even though some part of the chain syllabus is video documented, most of the kata are not so this is a good chance to learn.

Sunday we train in Tedi dojo as usual.
Monday is the Seder, there will be no training.
Tuesday is a holiday, again, no training session.
Wednesday at 16:00 in Gan Havradim in Jerusalem, till 20:00.
Thursday is the weapon seminar in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.
Please wait for updates on the AKBAN WhatsApp groups.
Happy Passover to all.


Weekend quote – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

At the conclusion of the conference, a tribute to Comrade Stalin was called for. Of course, everyone stood up (just as everyone had leaped to his feet during the conference at every mention of his name). … For three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, the stormy applause, rising to an ovation, continued. But palms were getting sore and raised arms were already aching. And the older people were panting from exhaustion. It was becoming insufferably silly even to those who really adored Stalin.

However, who would dare to be the first to stop? … After all, NKVD men were standing in the hall applauding and watching to see who would quit first! And in the obscure, small hall, unknown to the leader, the applause went on – six, seven, eight minutes! They were done for! Their goose was cooked! They couldn’t stop now till they collapsed with heart attacks! At the rear of the hall, which was crowded, they could of course cheat a bit, clap less frequently, less vigorously, not so eagerly – but up there with the presidium where everyone could see them?

The director of the local paper factory, an independent and strong-minded man, stood with the presidium. Aware of all the falsity and all the impossibility of the situation, he still kept on applauding! Nine minutes! Ten! In anguish he watched the secretary of the District Party Committee, but the latter dared not stop. Insanity! To the last man! With make-believe enthusiasm on their faces, looking at each other with faint hope, the district leaders were just going to go on and on applauding till they fell where they stood, till they were carried out of the hall on stretchers! And even then those who were left would not falter…

Then, after eleven minutes, the director of the paper factory assumed a businesslike expression and sat down in his seat. And, oh, a miracle took place! Where had the universal, uninhibited, indescribable enthusiasm gone? To a man, everyone else stopped dead and sat down. They had been saved!

The squirrel had been smart enough to jump off his revolving wheel. That, however, was how they discovered who the independent people were. And that was how they went about eliminating them. That same night the factory director was arrested. They easily pasted ten years on him on the pretext of something quite different. But after he had signed Form 206, the final document of the interrogation, his interrogator reminded him:

“Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

From: The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn