Family Defense and Security – modern risk management

The essence of martial arts is practice, that hasn’t changed in AKBAN. We emphasise practice and preserve the traditional weapons system that we learned. In parralel, we aim to factor in not only the resulting methods of past schools but the contant flux and change warefare has experienced since the proliferation of modern weapon systems.

Protecting oneself, family and dear ones is more complicated in our current era. Many more risks exist and these involve complex issues that range from health, vertical living enviroments, eating habits, stress and the wide spread use of power multiplyers in nefarious pars of society.

We conduct hand gun and rifle training, VUS (Vertical Urban Survival) sessions, emotional regulation workshops and more.

Video of Vertical Urban Family Defense

Video of Gun Seminar in AKBAN

Video of Gun Safety

Video of Handgun basics in AKBAN

Video of using improvised weapons