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AKBAN Ninjutsu Greece is the Greek branch of the AKBAN Academy. link to AKBAN Greece in Greek language.

The mission of AKBAN martial arts in Greece is the study of our martial tradition, the evolution of its combative practice and the proliferation of the realistic and modern application of Ninjutsu.

We move forward based on one hand on our respect for the rich martial knowledge of Ninjutsu and on the other hand on the critical examination of everything we inherited and on their incorporation in modern reality.
We welcome all honest and serious practitioners, who accept the AKBAN Academy values: Insight, Friendship, Power, Perseverance, Sensitivity, Honesty, Professionalism and Responsibility.
The two pillars of AKBAN Ninjutsu Greece are AKBAN Ninjutsu Athens and AKBAN Ninjutsu Itten Dojo, located in the center and the west suburbs of Athens respectively.
At AKBAN Ninjutsu Greece we adhere to the learning methodology and the training practice of AKBAN, under the guidance of our teacher Yossi Sheriff Sensei.

Address and contact info – Greece

AKBAN Ninjutsu Greece
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: AKBAN Ninjutsu Greece
AKBAN Ninjutsu Greek language

AKBAN Ninjutsu Athens – Greek
Instructor: Vasilis Panagiotou
Address: 5 Dafnomili Str, Neapoli Exarchion, Greece, P.C. 11471
Telephone: + 30 697 39 15 729
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: AKBAN Ninjutsu Athens

AKBAN Ninjutsu Itten Dojo – Greek
Instructor: Aris Pitas
Address: 44 Dimitrokali Str, Peristeri, Greece, P.C. 12137
Telephone: + 30 697 22 69 203
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: AKBAN Ninjutsu Itten Dojo