A short summery and oncoming sessions, 19-23.2.2017

February 18, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

For some of AKBAN instructors, and me included, the last weeks have been extremely busy and interesting. After the visit of our colleague from Japan and a Detant workshop for rescue team leaders we concluded one of our best symposiums at which AKBAN instructors from Israel and abroad participated.

Last Friday we delivered another Detant workshop in which we ushered, for the first time, the next phase (Detant phase 2) of Detant’s extensive syllabus. I think it was a good example of the depth of our program.

I want to thank all the participants for the in-depth debriefing and attendance. We invest time and effort to adapt the Detant syllabus for different sectors and your input was invaluable.

This week, in AKBAN dojo, we will continue learning the other side of the emotional regulation spectrum.

Detant workshop Feb 2017

Detant in Friday and sessions this week, 12-17.2.2017

February 11, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

This Friday, 17.2.2017, 08:30 sharp, we will do a Detant seminar (phase 2). All tickets for this seminar were snatched in minutes. If you couldn’t register for this seminar, we will have another one (phase 2) in few weeks.

During the week we will work on techniques from the excellent International Akban symposium that concluded last week.

The 2nd International AKBAN Symposium

February 4, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

The international AKBAN symposium will take place in Friday, 10.2.2017, 08:00 in Honbu dojo (“אקבן תל אביב” in WAZE).

Instructors from all over the world will present their research and results from years of training and fighting. The symposium will conclude at 12:30.

This is a wonderful opportunity to witness the perspectives and skills of AKBAN groups from all over the world.

Video from the 1st Symposium

Sessions this week, 22-27.1.2017

January 21, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

The Friday morning group learned the opening bow kata and the first Rokushaku Bo (long stick) kata. Next Friday we will learn the second kata and repeat the techniques we learned.

During the week some of the groups will learn advanced multiple opponent scenarios while some will repeat the Fudo Ryu throws.

Sessions this week, 15-20.1.2017

January 14, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

This week I will only teach in Jerusalem, Sunday, and Tel Aviv, Thursday.

I will not be present at the other sessions because of the Detant seminar for rescue and emergency situations that will take place at Rescue-1. Experts and team leaders from Japan and Israel will participate and my Detant teaching duties will prevent regular teaching in AKBAN.

AKBAN instructors will teach in my stead.

At Friday, 08:00, I will teach Rokshaku Bo in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.

Winter seminar in AKBAN Athens and sessions this week

December 9, 2016
Yossi Sheriff

This Friday I will be teaching in Athens, Greece, for the 2016 winter seminar. Due to the seminar there will be no Haka training in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv.

The Winter Seminar in AKBAN Athens will go deep into applying traditional techniques and will focus on the versatile flexible weapons of the AKBAN Armory. The weekend seminar will conclude with Detant workshop for warriors. This top level learning teaches emotional modulation through the body.

During the week in AKBAN Israel we will continue to explore Fudo Ryu unique attack syncopations.

Video of levels of violence in our Martial art