Sessions this week, 23-27.4.2017

April 22, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

There will be training sessions in Sunday, eve of the Holocaust remembrance day, and Monday night.

We will continue the learning of the hand work in the pocket and add more coherence to the integration of Lo-Ka-Pa Phat into AKBAN distancing sabaki.

As usual, till August, please bring your striking equipment.

Video of Roberto Sharp and Lyte Burly

Sessions during Passover 2017

April 8, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

During this week we will work with the weapons we learned this year: Rokushaku bo, Hanbo, Kusari and Kunai.
With the knife we will emphasize low level of violence.

Even though some part of the chain syllabus is video documented, most of the kata are not so this is a good chance to learn.

Sunday we train in Tedi dojo as usual.
Monday is the Seder, there will be no training.
Tuesday is a holiday, again, no training session.
Wednesday at 16:00 in Gan Havradim in Jerusalem, till 20:00.
Thursday is the weapon seminar in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.
Please wait for updates on the AKBAN WhatsApp groups.
Happy Passover to all.

This week’s sessions and Detant workshop, 19-24.3.2017

March 18, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

This Friday, 24.3.2017, at 08:00 sharp, another Detant workshop is opening. This will be a phase 2 workshop that integrates phase 1 techniques into daily scenarios with physical monitoring.

Here’s a link for registration – Detant workshop 50, phase 2

During the week we will continue improving Nage waza in dynamic techniques. Tuesday in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv will emphasize Rokushaku Bo and sword Kata, will take place outside and conclude in 20:20.

Live knife seminar and sessions this week, 12-17.3.2017

March 11, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

The Sunday session in Jerusalem dojo will not take place because of the holiday.

This Friday, in Honbu dojo, we will conduct a live knife seminar. Registration is closed and all the places are full. Because of the extraordinary level of violence, there will not be any video.

During the week we will practice throws from the Tsuki Nagare drill.

Video of Tsuki Nagare drill

A short summery and oncoming sessions, 19-23.2.2017

February 18, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

For some of AKBAN instructors, and me included, the last weeks have been extremely busy and interesting. After the visit of our colleague from Japan and a Detant workshop for rescue team leaders we concluded one of our best symposiums at which AKBAN instructors from Israel and abroad participated.

Last Friday we delivered another Detant workshop in which we ushered, for the first time, the next phase (Detant phase 2) of Detant’s extensive syllabus. I think it was a good example of the depth of our program.

I want to thank all the participants for the in-depth debriefing and attendance. We invest time and effort to adapt the Detant syllabus for different sectors and your input was invaluable.

This week, in AKBAN dojo, we will continue learning the other side of the emotional regulation spectrum.

Detant workshop Feb 2017