The 2nd International AKBAN Symposium

February 4, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

The international AKBAN symposium will take place in Friday, 10.2.2017, 08:00 in Honbu dojo (“אקבן תל אביב” in WAZE).

Instructors from all over the world will present their research and results from years of training and fighting. The symposium will conclude at 12:30.

This is a wonderful opportunity to witness the perspectives and skills of AKBAN groups from all over the world.

Video from the 1st Symposium

2015 AKBAN Year in review

December 30, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

2015 was a fruitful year for us. I visited European dear friends in Hamburg and Athens and ushered a seminars in both centres, we had another international Ninjutsu colloquium, opened two more dojos in Israel, two more in Europe and one in cold, cold, Canada! Gained some 18,000,000 views on our youtube channel, ate many fruits from the Levi farm in north Israel, punched some friends, got punched by them, all the usual stuff. Happy new year, friends!

AKBAN year in images - 2015

New record for our YouTube Channel, 18 million views

November 18, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

18 million views to akban youtube
Today, November the 18th, I checked out, as usual, all the knowledge assets I have been publishing over the last ten or more years.

I answered comments, sent some mails and then peeked at AKBAN Youtube counter. Nice coincidence – 18,000,000 views and going strong.

With a modest subscriber base of 29,000 in YouTube and about 21,000 monthly unique readers on the site.

In a time of dramatic changes it makes me happy to see that my stable dedication to my students and to our martial art is rewarded with such positive vibrations.

I send big Thank You to all my students in the dojo and in the world wide dojo. Practice safely, and keep on training!

A free mini-course on Aikido and the “Evolution Of Response” from Miles Kessler

November 10, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

Hello All,

This is a personal message from me, Yossi,
I wanted to let you know about a great learning opportunity that has just come out from my friend Miles Kessler and the Integral Dojo. He has just released a free mini-course on Aikido and the “Evolution Of Response”. This is a 3-part video series and it is full of great teaching content about about development in Aikido, and it also includes helpful reference guides to illuminate the Path of practice.

Miles is an innovative Martial arts teacher with years of experience and also a certified Dharma teacher who already lead a meditation seminar in AKBAN.

This free video mini-series will give you a wonderful way to apply Aikido and Budo principles to your life. The free video and reference guide will only be available for a few days only so be sure to check it out while you can.

Here is the link:

A good opportunity to learn from the best

Miles Kessler

AKBAN seminars in Sukkot, 27.9-1.10.2015

September 26, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

We are emphasizing traditional weapons at the start of this training year. During the Sukkot holiday we will continue to practice sword, short stick and knife techniques.
The seminars are constructed so that trainees have a stratified routine to take home and practice with. The last part, on Friday, will be videoed for future reference.
Please use Waze app in Friday because of the Tel Aviv Bicycle race. We start all training sessions earlier, so calculate times accordingly.

Seminar schedules

With the dojo-cho permission, all seminars are open to all AKBAN students.

AKBAN schedule Sukkot 2015

Weekly training details and an international Seminar,

May 9, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

This Friday we will have an ECR group in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv at 08:00.

At Thursday, Yakov Schacht Sensei, the headmaster of the largest and fiercest Ninjutsu Academy in Germany, will conduct a two hour intensive that will focus on Ninjutsu in extreme street fighting situations. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook. It’s open to Akbanauts.

This international seminar is subsidized by AKBAN and Ninjutsu Akademie Hamburg but we will be happy if we can collect a sum for charity. If you want to, that is.

During the weekly regular sessions we will continue our work on three subjects: Sutemi Waza, Kicking Daken in sparring and inside range work of Kukishinden and Takagi.

The Sixth International Ninjutsu Colloquium has ended

May 4, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

The recent Colloquium started diving into the different ways the Ryu in Takamatsu-den deal with resistance. To explore the subject we will need a whole year.
Honored us with their presence and teaching skills, Itai Guvrin, Yossi Teshuva, Dr. Gadi Lissak, Tomer Hollander and more top levels from Bujinkan in Israel then we could count. Amir Haimi from “Jerusalem Martial arts” shared many perspectives on throws and fighting.
Till the full hour long video will be ready with the English translation here’s a short promo with the music by our Berlin dojo Cho, Ran Levari.
See you at the Autumn Colloquium.

Video showcase of the 6th Ninjutsu Colloquium

6th international Ninjutsu colloquium in AKBAN and training this week

April 25, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

The Sixth international Ninjutsu Colloquium will take place this Friday, 1.5.2015, at AKBAN Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.

We will be hosting Ninjutsu instructors from Europe and Bujinkan Judans from Israel.

The 6th Colloquium will start at 08:00 sharp till 10:30, May the 1st. this Friday. Please arrive at 07:45 to fill out the forms needed.

Foreign and Israeli instructors are welcome. Please coordinate with me at [email protected]

Simultaneous translation is available during the Colloquium in Japanese, English and French.
70000 views for akban colloquiums

Previous AKBAN Colloquiums were watched, in AKBAN’s YouTube channel, more then 70,000 views by almost 15,000 viewers at an average view time of 18 minutes. We take these astounding numbers as a token of increased interest in Traditional, combat oriented, Ninjutsu and will video and translate this event also.
Take a look at our previous Colloquiums and the Application Requirements here.
The Sixth Colloquium will deal with the way various Ryuha in Takamatsu-den deal with resistance. We will use Kata from main systems to show that some systems meet resistance with stringer resistance, some ‘go with the flow’ while others combine these two modes into an intricate reaction.

The Kata chosen to exemplify each Ryu are:

  1. Oh Gyaku – From Koto Ryu
  2. Renyo – From Gyokku Ryu
  3. Koshi ori – From Takagi Yoshin Ryu
  4. Fuki (Fukan) – From Fudo Ryu
  5. Ryu fu – From Kukishinden Ryu

During the preceding week we will work with these kata to prepare the ground for a thorough exploration in the Colloquium.
See you there,
Yossi Sheriff